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Charline Johansson Gebhardt


On October 18, 1968, I made eye contact with an “Angel with Golden Hair.”  We danced and talked for a few hours during the evening.  I learned that she was an elementary music teacher, her name was Charline Johansson, and I must see her again.  She was humble about her talents and in took me a long time to discover that she had a “Golden Voice,” a beautiful coloratura soprano.  She had been a childhood phenomenon and arguably the best college vocalist in Oregon two years straight.  Many urged her to go to New York to pursue opera, but she was a practical person who chose music education as a career and used her vocal ability semi-professionally or to the joy of others.  During her years she has touched the lives of countless children and has brought pleasure to others through her singing.

It has been my privilege to have been married to Charline for nearly 38 years.  We have raised two daughters, who were each outstanding in vocal, piano, and violin.  Our oldest, Kimberly, plays concert quality on the violin and our youngest, Tamara, the same level on the piano.  Tamara has also sung professionally.

I have urged Charline to put together musical selections in a CD.  With the help of David Lee Bassett, we transformed recordings from 30 plus years ago. He also helped us in recording current selections.  Many of the current recordings will include our two daughters.  The CD starts out with the selection “Spring” and ends with “Beautiful Savior”  “Spring was recorded more than 30 years ago, whereas the latter is a very recent recording.  “Beautiful Savior” is perhaps Charline’s favorite, as it gives her fond memories of every concert finale at Lewis & Clark College under the direction of the late L. Stanley Glarum.  In that selection, Charline sings one verse in Swedish, her father’s first language and is accompanied by both daughters.  We are thrilled to share this music with you..

All proceeds from this CD will go to our daughter, Tamara’s, foundation, “Lick the Tick.”  She contracted a chronic case of Lyme disease.  Through family support, a variety of doctors, and her own determination, she fought her way from the deathbed and expects full recovery.  Her foundation’s objective is to assist others in conquering that illness.


Charles Gebhardt

01 Beautiful Savior Härlig Är Jorden (Swedish)

The last selection (#13 )of Charline’s CD, accompanied by our two daughters

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